Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Poor old me...

I haven't posted in a while. Been busy.I had to take my wife to th Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN for a bunch of tests to try to find out what is wrong with her. So we have really watched the spending on money and stuff. I see stuff I want to buy, but I don't. We have been living out of a hotel room for over a week, and eating sandwiches most night. We do try to eat out every other day. :)

So lately, I've been kind of feeling down, feeling sorry for myself and my wife... I went to Walmart tonight and this song came on the radio by Todd Agnew. I started to feel really guilty. I didn't walk to Walmart, I drove there, not walk like an older lady I saw on the street theother. I had a coat on, when I see people who don't. I had shoes. I had money to buy food and a warm place to stay, unlike the guy I saw by the freeway exit the other day. I have a cell phone, a GPS, a laptop. I feel guilty because I'm so rich...

Here is the video for the song...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christian Metal

When I got into music it was in the 80's. I didn't care for the new wave stuff, I loved metal. Hair bands! I didn't listen to Christian music. I wasn't a Christian then, although I thought I was. Only Christian music I can remember from that time was Stryper. I once bought a lot of cd's at a garage sale for next to nothing. There was a cd case but with no cd in it. The bands name was Whitecross. I had no idea what Whitecross was. So I threw the case away. Well a while back, searching around for unknown Christian music on the net, I came across the name Whitecross again. So I searched youtube like I always do. I was suprised! Whitecross is a metal band. I figured they were a "fad". So I did some more searching. They still are playing to this day. Although they are older, they can still rock, and from what I've read they are the real thing. Their sound reminds me of Ratt. I liked Ratt back in the day. But I don't care for them now. so if you like metal music and like it to be Christian, this is your band!

Just because

An artist is on a "Christian Label" does not really make them a Christian band... I get Christian music alerts from Google. I find a lot of new (to me) Christian music that way. So when I come across an artist that I've never heard of I head straight to youtube.com and look em up! A lot of the music is local bands, but their fans put up videos. I think you can learn more about where an artist or band is by seeing them perform...

This morning I was reading about this band that got signed to a Christian label. They sing about trying to be positive, life struggles and stuff like that. So I looked them up on youtube. I listened to short snippet, didn't sound to bad for an audience made video. So I checked out a full video. I had to turn it off. The language was not good. The visual was not good.

I've come across this before. Band on a Christian Label, and the music is not really Christian. I'm thinking that some of these Christian music companies are just in it for the money.

That's sad...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I get so caught up in things of this world, I feel like I've disappointed God. Sure, I disappoint Him everyday, but most of the time I don't realise it. But there are those times that I know I just didn't get it right or do it right in that situation. At those times, the conviction on my heart just kills me.

But you know, God is a God of forgiveness. He will forgive us over and over even though we don't deserve it. Sometimes I forget this forgiveness and just fall into a pit of self pity. I forget about God. But one thing I know is that God will always be there when I come back. I come back to Him many times a days and he He is always there for me. God is awesome, God is Holy.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day, November 4th, 2008

Today is election day. None of us really have a great person to vote for for. Yes, I will vote as it is a privilege. I've sort of been worrying about how everything will work out depending on who wins. I think it will be bad either way. But you know, it has never effected me who the president was. I guess I have an easy life? :)

But I woke up this morning and here I was worrying again? Why should I worry about who the president is? I don't answer to him, and he sure doesn't care about me or even know that I exist. But there is someone I personally know and He knows me. He cares about me, He loves me, He takes care of me. He has has a health care plan for me, He has a financial and social program for me already set in place for me. God takes of me, not some elected government official. God takes care of my hopes and dreams. God knows and cares, not some earthly being. So no matter what happens today, I put it in Gods hand. God made today, so why should I worry about something that God is already in control of?

Friday, October 31, 2008

Anyone ever wrote a song about you?

Came across this video this morning. I don't care all that much for "Rap" music. But when the song pretty much is written about YOU, you have to like it, or maybe I don't like it as the conviction is pretty overwhelming, at least for me.

This from an artist that goes by Lecrae. From the article I read, he doesn't get much play on Christian radio, but he does have the #8 album on the secular Hip Hop chart right now. He has it going on. He is using the talent that God gave him for great things. Maybe he will make big time or maybe he won't. But from listening to some of his music as long as he is glorifying God, that is all that matters to him.